The Inspiration for: BaciNaturals for Dogs

ideaI’m often asked: “How did you come up with the idea for your product line?” The simple answer is: Baci herself.

Fate was set in motion one day when on a whim I decided to visit a local Dog shelter to socialize with the dogs for a few then continue with my day..(At the time, I wasn’t planning to adopt again anytime soon since I was still adjusting to the loss of my beloved Dog). During my shelter visit I laid eyes on a gentle, timid lil Pomeranian and was hopelessly smitten. All it took was one glance and I fell in love. Why can’t dating be that easy? 😉

The sad reality is that Baci had languished in the shelter for quite a while. She was 10 yrs old with serious dental, Lil Baci rescued dog pomeraniandigestive issues and allergies . As a result she had been overlooked for adoption, facing the worse outcome that befall so many shelter dogs: euthanasia. Regardless of her issues, I only saw perfection in her. Without a second thought I decided to bring Baci home. Seriously, how could one not fall in love with that face?

I wanted to provide Baci with only Natural and Organic products as I adapt for myself.

Lil Baci,  Sushi Girl:)

Lil Baci, Sushi Girl:)

I knew I had had something very special with these human grade Natural and Organic products after witnessing Baci’s overall health and energy improved so remarkably…As a senior dog, she has the vitality of a pup.  It was then I decided to share these products with the Dog parent community.


Belinda & Baci