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BaciNaturals: Organic Protective PAW BALM for Dogs $16



Organic Paw Balm

**This product is for Dogs only

*100% Natural * Eco friendly * Non Toxic * Chemical Free * Non staining

( Deep Conditions Dry/Cracked Paws & Nose)


Provides a protective barrier from:

  •  Ice 
  •  Cold temps
  •  Snow
  •  Chemical salts
  •  Summer: hot pavement  


 Winter can be especially harsh on a dog’s paw pads. Exposure to cold weather, snow, ice, and salts can dry pads out.









This can result in cracking, peeling, and frostbite. From frigid ice covered pavement to hot summer asphalt. Your Dogs’ pads benefit from protection.



BaciNaturals Organic Paw Balm


Tip #1: Make sure to clip excess hair from paw pad. This will help prevent ice balls from forming  around the paw pads. Ice balls can be painful. (This also makes it easier to apply the balm to the pads).

Tip #2: Keeping the nails trimmed is especially important in the winter. Long nails force the paw to splay out. Snow and ice  then accumulates between the paw pads.




Summers hot pavement can burn dried pads. This results in painful burns. So avoid hot pavement and make sure your dogs pads stay moisturized..






BaciNaturals Organic Paw BalmHUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS

This is a richly nourishing & healing Organic Paw Balm. Packed with antioxidants which penetrate & nourish the pads. Combines the pad healing protective power of Organic Coconut oil, Organic Calendula, Rosehip seed oil and Pure Vitamin E.











BaciNaturals Organic Paw Balm is made with a blend of the finest skin nourishing/protective human grade ingredients100% Pure Organic Beeswax, Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Calendula, Organic (Grade A) Raw Honey, Organic Burdock root,100% Pure Vitamin E, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Arrowroot, 100% Pure Organic Tangerine essential oil


baci naturals DIVIDER

* Non staining * Not Greasy



Directions for use: Make sure to clip hair as needed to ensure hair between pads is short and even with the pad. Apply a modest/even layer of Balm to pads and in between toes just prior to going outside. Reapply as needed during extended walks. After the walk, gently wipe your dog’s paws with a soft warm washcloth to remove snow, ice and ice melt. Apply another thin layer of balm to soothe any irritation and keep the pads supple and conditioned. Store Balm in cool dry area away from heat and sunlight.

* This product is for Dogs only.. Not intended for Cats (since this product contains essential oils- which cats are unable to metabolize)

Photo Credit to East Bay SPCA Veterinary surgeon · Animal shelter

Natural flea & tick Repellent for Dogs $11

1itchyNatural flea & tick repellent for Dogs




  • Organic sustainable ingredients
  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe & Effective
  • Clean Fresh Scent
  • Biodegradable


BaciNaturals flea & tick repellent is a safe alternative to  chemical treatments. Safe for your dog but deadly to fleas and ticks.

Parasites are more than a nuisance. They can result in health issues from allergic dermatitis to tick-borne illnesses.

Most of us are familiar with  commercial flea/tick treatments. They typically contain harmful toxic chemical pesticides. The directions on these products warn you to use gloves. And “avoid contact with skin”. Yet it’s being applied directly to your dogs skin!

We provide parasite protection without compromising your dogs health.


Natural & Effective Protection:

 Bacinaturals natural chemical free flea and tick repellent

Bacinaturals Flea & Tick repellent is made with all natural organic ingredients. It contains a select blend of pure essential oils: Peppermint, Lavender,  Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for safety and maximum effectiveness.




1 DOG ON GRASSFor example:

  • Lemongrass is a proven flea and tick repellent.
  •  Lavender oil is uniquely calming yet toxic to fleas and ticks.  A 2007 study found that formulas containing diluted lavender performed as well as DEET.
  •  Peppermint oil: invigorates and stimulates circulation. It also  contains menthol which kills fleas and tick by destroying their nervous system.

This Repellant has a Organic Coconut oil base. This does wonders for a dogs skin and coat. Calendula Oil is known for its “skin repair/healing” abilities. It’s used to treat hot spots.

We take a safe Holistic approach. Bacinaturals Organic flea & tick repellent has a natural clean fresh scent which is also deodorizing.

Directions:  Bacinaturals nontoxic natural flea and tick repellent Simply spray a light mist onto dogs coat. Avoid face, eyes, inner ears and mouth. Rub gently into the skin before venturing outdoors.

Bacinaturals ECO paws flea & tick repellent for dogs Added Protection: Carpets and humid areas are also favorite areas for fleas. When fleas lay eggs on a dog, some eggs can fall off and hatch on your carpet, bed, or other furniture. Lightly spray this product  onto these areas for added protection. look

* Please note: This product is intended for use on DOGS only.(not cats or any other animals. Cats cannot metabolize essential oils).

*(Do Not use on puppies under 10 weeks old, pregnant dogs, or lactating dogs)


Argan & Calendula Organic Dog Shampoo $12.00

BaciNaturals Argan & Calendula Organic Dog Shampoo

  ORGANIC Argan oil & Calendula Conditioning Organic Dog Shampoo

100% Natural Organic Dog Shampoo


 No chemical detergents

No artificial dyes or fragrance




 BaciNaturals Argan & Calendula Organic Dog Shampoo

BaciNaturals rich lathering Organic Dog is very beneficial for Dogs with:

Dry/Flakey skin


Itchy skin


Sensitive skin


baci naturals DIVIDER


   BaciNaturals Argan & Calendula Organic Dog ShampooA healthier clean for your Dog: BaciNaturals Organic Dog Shampoo takes an Holistic approach to cleansing:

  • The Creamy rich lathering formula leaves your Dog squeaky clean without striping the skins’ beneficial natural oils.
  • Gives your dog a healthy lustrous soft shiny coat.
  • Contains only pure 100% Natural Organic ingredients which not only clean but deep conditions your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Organic Argan, Coconut oil & Calendula Oil all are BaciNaturals Argan & Calendula Organic Dog Shampoo
    highly beneficial to dogs with dry/itchy skin, sensitive skin, hot spots, and conditions like alopecia. 




The Inspiration for: BaciNaturals for Dogs

Lil Baci - Pomeranian Bacinaturals

ideaI’m often asked: “How did you come up with the idea for your product line?” The simple answer is: Baci herself.

Fate was set in motion one day when on a whim I decided to visit a local Dog shelter to socialize with the dogs for a few then continue with my day..(At the time, I wasn’t planning to adopt again anytime soon since I was still adjusting to the loss of my beloved Dog). During my shelter visit I laid eyes on a gentle, timid lil Pomeranian and was hopelessly smitten. All it took was one glance and I fell in love. Why can’t dating be that easy? 😉

The sad reality is that Baci had languished in the shelter for quite a while. She was 10 yrs old with serious dental, Lil Baci rescued dog pomeraniandigestive issues and allergies . As a result she had been overlooked for adoption, facing the worse outcome that befall so many shelter dogs: euthanasia. Regardless of her issues, I only saw perfection in her. Without a second thought I decided to bring Baci home. Seriously, how could one not fall in love with that face?

I wanted to provide Baci with only Natural and Organic products as I adapt for myself.

Lil Baci,  Sushi Girl:)

Lil Baci, Sushi Girl:)

I knew I had had something very special with these human grade Natural and Organic products after witnessing Baci’s overall health and energy improved so remarkably…As a senior dog, she has the vitality of a pup.  It was then I decided to share these products with the Dog parent community.


Belinda & Baci




BaciNaturals: Our Holistic Approach


What is Holistic Wellness? the support and maintenance of optimal Canine health with nutrient rich products and foods that are ABOUT BNnatural, unrefined , chemical free and unprocessed. Canine Holistic Health is gaining popularity with every year. So many “dog parents” are seeing the benefits, resulting in less costly trips to the vet.

However, Holistic Health is more than just “not being sick”. Simply put, your dogs’ wellness can be viewed as a continuum along a line. The line represents all possible degrees of health: The far left end of the line represents premature death…while the far right end is the highest possible level of wellness and health. The midpoint on this line represents a “lack of apparent disease”. The right half shows that even when no specific illness seems to be present, there is still room for improvement. Holistic Health is an ongoing process with nutrition playing a pivotal role in determining where your dog ranks on this health spectrum.


Weighing the Costs:

We’re all looking to save money and cut corners where we can these days. While it’s tempting to reach for the more inexpensive brand of dog products thinking you are saving money… Think again. Cheaper products typically contain chemical additives which are detrimental to your dogs long-term health. Subpar ingredients can be traced to a myriad of adverse canine health issues.

This results in a plethora of health issues: from allergies ..to cancer, requiring a trip(s) to the vet, medications, etc. – which we all know is very scared-dog-hidingcostly.

Chemical additives add a notable risk of toxicity to your dog.

For example, the World Health Organization openly names both BHT and BHA as suspicious cancer-causing compounds. The State of California has now identified BHA as a possible carcinogen, too.

Dog products containing Chemical preservatives/By products/ artificial flavors or color enhancers should be avoided for the sake of your dogs health and longevity.

Bottom line: It pays off to provide your dog with Natural and Organic products which will save you money in the long run, and sustain peak health and longevity for your best friend – which is priceless.


BaciNaturals takes a Holistic Approach to Canine wellness  Every ingredient in our product line has been carefully selected to provide and sustain Optimal Canine Health… the Natural way. We keep it simple: just the basics:100% Natural & Organic.  Our Products are antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich. We offer innovatively organic and natural alternatives to the plethora of chemical laden, artificially enhanced products on the market today.


Bacinaturals Products are free of:

– GMO’s

– Chemicals

– preservatives

– by products

– artificial additives or color enhancers

Natural and Organic food play a key role in Holistic wellness for your dog. BaciNaturals products are Human Grade: containing a variety of quality ingredients which support and sustain peak vitality, energy and immune system function for your dog. Natural and Organic ingredients help fortify and protect your dog from many common canine health issues .

Holistic Wellbeing works in balance and variety work to:

– enhance and maximize your dogs energy levels,

– Strengthen the immune system and overall body function.

– Provide relief from allergies

– Improve recovery time


dog heartCanine Holistic Wellbeing encompasses total well-being of the mind, body and spirit. After all.. A Healthy Dogs is a Happy Dog..