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Bacinaturals Plaque removing Natural Teeth Cleaner for Dogs and Cats $10.99


Organic Plaque removing Natural Teeth Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

100% Natural * Organic * Chemical free * Gmo-Free * Cruelty Free  


  • Effectively cleans and strengthens teeth & gums
  • Fights plaque bacteria
  • Potent antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Strengthens the immune system
  •  Astringent Properties to strengthen teeth and gums
  • Rich in calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to strengthen teeth and bone


bacinaturals organic teeth cleaner

4 out of 5 dogs will have some level of periodontal (gum) disease. Usually by the time they reach the age of 3. In fact 30% of all canine surgeries are dental related.This is typically the result of plaque buildup.


BaciNaturals Organic plaque removing tooth cleaner for Dogs
BaciNaturals Organic Tooth Cleanser for Dogs and Cats






*BaciNaturals Natural Teeth Cleaner comes with a super cute individually wrapped toothbrush which has a tiny hole in the handle so you can hang it anywhere!


One bottle provides approx. 43 brushings.(based on applying 7 drops on toothbrush/per brushing)



This product is an effective preventative. Not intended to replace regular dental checkups and cleanings.

CATS – Cat parents may be wondering: “How do I brush my cats teeth!?”. Not to worry. Here are some options: You can start by letting the cat sniff and lick the toothbrush. Then slowly and gently brush the teeth. Or apply product with your finger. Gently coating their teeth and gums.

Another option: Simply add 7 drops to their food.

This product has an organic coconut oil base. So it easily coats the teeth and gums completely.

Taste: Dogs and Cats really love the taste. It has the natural sweetness of the Organic Coconut oil.




Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Calendula, Organic Spirulina, Organic ground Olive Leaf, Organic Burdock, Organic Cleavers, Organic Myrrh, Pure Vitamin E