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BaciNaturals: Organic Protective PAW BALM for Dogs $16



Organic Paw Balm

**This product is for Dogs only

*100% Natural * Eco friendly * Non Toxic * Chemical Free * Non staining

( Deep Conditions Dry/Cracked Paws & Nose)


Provides a protective barrier from:

  •  Ice 
  •  Cold temps
  •  Snow
  •  Chemical salts
  •  Summer: hot pavement  


 Winter can be especially harsh on a dog’s paw pads. Exposure to cold weather, snow, ice, and salts can dry pads out.









This can result in cracking, peeling, and frostbite. From frigid ice covered pavement to hot summer asphalt. Your Dogs’ pads benefit from protection.



BaciNaturals Organic Paw Balm


Tip #1: Make sure to clip excess hair from paw pad. This will help prevent ice balls from forming  around the paw pads. Ice balls can be painful. (This also makes it easier to apply the balm to the pads).

Tip #2: Keeping the nails trimmed is especially important in the winter. Long nails force the paw to splay out. Snow and ice  then accumulates between the paw pads.




Summers hot pavement can burn dried pads. This results in painful burns. So avoid hot pavement and make sure your dogs pads stay moisturized..






BaciNaturals Organic Paw BalmHUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS

This is a richly nourishing & healing Organic Paw Balm. Packed with antioxidants which penetrate & nourish the pads. Combines the pad healing protective power of Organic Coconut oil, Organic Calendula, Rosehip seed oil and Pure Vitamin E.











BaciNaturals Organic Paw Balm is made with a blend of the finest skin nourishing/protective human grade ingredients100% Pure Organic Beeswax, Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Calendula, Organic (Grade A) Raw Honey, Organic Burdock root,100% Pure Vitamin E, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Arrowroot, 100% Pure Organic Tangerine essential oil


baci naturals DIVIDER

* Non staining * Not Greasy



Directions for use: Make sure to clip hair as needed to ensure hair between pads is short and even with the pad. Apply a modest/even layer of Balm to pads and in between toes just prior to going outside. Reapply as needed during extended walks. After the walk, gently wipe your dog’s paws with a soft warm washcloth to remove snow, ice and ice melt. Apply another thin layer of balm to soothe any irritation and keep the pads supple and conditioned. Store Balm in cool dry area away from heat and sunlight.

* This product is for Dogs only.. Not intended for Cats (since this product contains essential oils- which cats are unable to metabolize)

Photo Credit to East Bay SPCA Veterinary surgeon · Animal shelter

About: BaciNaturals Organic Natural Dog Products

BaciNaturals Organic/ Natural Dog Products

 bacinaturals natural dog products



Bacinaturals for Dogs is a culmination of 2 lifelong passions: Dogs and Holistic Wellness. We are an independent Boston, MA (USA) based little Dog Company with BIG ideas. Our Natural dog products are handmade and small batched with sustainable Natural & Organic ingredients here in Boston, MA.

All of our products are:

  • Organic/Natural
  • GMO Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Locally Made
  • Sustainable
  • Human grade 

Our Organic & Natural dog products are based  BaciNaturals Natural Dog Products on our focus of sustaining a healthy immune system and overall peak health for your Dog at all life stages. As your dog develops and matures, the natural dog product choices are even more essential.


Read about: Our Holistic Approach


"Teddy" from Ontario Canada Despite the serious expression, Teddy is super excited about his BaciNaturals Products.. lol!

Meet “Teddy” from Ontario, Canada…Teddy takes his grooming and personal care products very seriously..:) He has given his BaciNaturals Products 2 paws up!:)


BacinNaturals is committed to sustainability and supporting the wellness of the earth and the environment. In that spirit we created this line of Earth friendly products for Dogs:  Shown Below









BaciNaturals Organic (100% Natural) Personal Care Products for Dogs

BaciNaturals Natural Dog Products

 Our Organic Products are sustainable, biodegradable, chemical and cruelty free:



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BACINATURALS hip and joint support chews


 BaciNaturals Treats (Wild Salmon Hip & Joint Support Chews)

sugar free

grain free

soy free

corn free

wheat free

gluten free

Our Joint Support Treats are packed with Protein, Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals….and 100% delish for your Dog!



Giving Back:

BaciNaturals also believes in giving back to the community and strong advocate for Dog and Cat adoption. We are a proud sponsor of the Boston MSPCA fund drives which support their shelter for homeless animals.